2017-02-10 Intermission

A friend of mine introduced me to an anime series and I’m 5 episodes in and it’s taking me over. But first.. a little backstory…

When I was married, I had a bit of addiction to television shows. It was one of the things that was “kind of our thing”. I very much enjoyed getting lost in the drama or having some comedy turn my frown upside down. I was always moved in some way by the things I was exposed to. Toward the end of our relationship though, I remember we had so many things queued on the DVR, I almost felt held hostage by our beautiful basement theatre room with it’s two tiers of leather recliner seats complete with cupholders, surround sound, and projector. I lost sleep sometimes because I had to keep up. Mostly I lost sleep because my marriage was all wrong.

Eight years ago on February 15th I finally found the courage to tell him I wanted to separate. A very tough day indeed. There’s a lot to that story of course, and too much for now, but all I really need to convey is that once I was free, TV was one of the things I minimized in my life. I slowly cut out almost everything and eventually didn’t watch anything anymore.

Part of me felt sad watching all those shows alone and the other part of me thought I would have so much more free time to do other things I really wanted to do but never did.

After being single for a couple of years I started dating a guy named Rich and he was into watching TV too. I certainly did not get into as many shows as I was previously, but really enjoyed the things we watched. He was good at picking them out. It was different, but I still felt moved by the things I was watching like I had before.

Then I went from dating Rich to dating Matt. That was in 2011. Matt didn’t watch TV at all. In fact, shortly after we started dating he gave his TV away. So for the majority of the last five years, I have not watched much at all. There were still a couple of things I still made time for. Game of Thrones, Modern Family, and Parenthood.

Each has it’s own appeal. Game of Thrones is saucy and energizing and appeals to me on multiple levels. It truly is a story you can get lost in. Modern Family for the Lulz of course. It’s one of those shows that can put a smile on my face even if I’ve had a terrible day. So that’s pretty much priceless. It also has that random tender moment that causes me to bust into tears. I love it when that happens. And with Parenthood, it was almost a guarantee. I was super bummed when that one ended. But now I’m too deep in the details and have to dial it back.

The point is, there is value in it for me and life is all about balance, you know, and doing things you love to do. So now I’m watching this new Anime, “Your Lie in April”.

This show is so good..very moving from the start. It’s got a hold of me now.
The beauty and art of every scene, blossoms falling off the trees and wafting through a random frame.
The poetic dialogue and poignant thoughts.
The bits of simple humor balancing things out.
The movement of the music as it arcs up toward crescendo.
The joy youth and watching the characters experience realizing love.
And the story.. The story is the built on the foundation that every hopeless romantic aspires to jump fearlessly from without knowing where they will land.

So now I’m all in. I’m going for max feels. I want to forget everything that is my life right now and get lost in the moments of this. Or I want to remember everything that is my life right now and hang onto this in order to let go. It doesn’t really matter which way it goes.

As for the person who introduced me to the show, well there’s quite a bit to that story too. Perhaps another day, though, because I want to dive into episode 6.

Cheers To Spring,
Miss SugarCookie


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