2017-02-17 It’s My Party and I Can Sleep If I Want To

I put in four solid hours of exercise today with tennis and jazzercise back to back. The 2+ hours of tennis was out in the sun. I also had a fairly mentally challenging work day. All that coupled with the fact that I have been up since 6:08AM, has me in a position to not fight going to bed/sleep at 9PM on a Friday night.

If there is one advantage to being single, it’s that nobody else can tell you what to do. There may be nobody to snuggle with, but there’s also nobody to tell you that you are boring because you enjoy going for walks or that you are lame because people generally make plans and go out on the weekends and you just want to stay home and read a book or just relax.

Right now I have the luxury of not caring what other people do or think and I can choose to sleep as much or as little as I want. Tonight that means I’m in bed at 9PM and as tired as I am I will probably be asleep by 9:30. Especially if I try to read that damn book I’m trying to get through. So boring.

On that note. It’s lights out for me.
Peace and Chocolate,
Miss SugarCookie


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