2017-03-25 All Wound Up

I watched Dr. Strange with the kids and finished before 10PM. At that time, I just wanted some alone time to clear my head and not listen to the constant bicker of sibling irritation. I went to the gym to get the rest of my steps for the day, which took about a half hour at a 2.5 mph pace. When I arrived back home, I was relaxed and ready to go to sleep.

Then the arguing started again. Then I was accused of hiding my son’s bag of DS3 game cartridges. Then he accused Matt of taking Tri-Force Heroes and not bringing it back. Then, while pulling through piles of blankets and unearthing things under boxes that were previously shoved into corners looking for the stupid bag, I find another soda can. The second one today. Totally against the rules.

In a matter of minutes, I went from sleepy and calm to mean, lecture mom who yells at her kids and does not think before she speaks. I’m exasperated at the situation and I hate it when things go missing and it drives me crazy to know that he breaks the “no food or drinks in the bedroom” rule time and again, which means he does not respect me or the rules. I know I’m a pushover on most days, but when I get pushed to far, I snap.

Now the privilege of electronics has been removed from the equation and my demands have been spelled out. It’s bed time for all of us now, but I’m leaving him to think about what his actions and words do. I know my actions and words are not the best, so I need to think about that too. I always regret yelling, but can’t seem to keep my voice low when things heat up. I need to try harder to stay calm. It would benefit everyone, and especially in this case, because now that I am all wound up, it’s going to take even longer to fall asleep.

Parenting is Hard,
Miss SugarCookie


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