2017-04-22 Phoenix – Day 1, Happy Earth Day

I feel like I completely missed Earth day today due to being in Phoenix for work. Not that I would have done anything special anyway, but it would have been nice to hang out in my back yard doing stuff with my gardens.

My day was very productive and I feel quite a success seeing that I’m not only the temporary PM and interface lead on this project. My mind was ultra focussed for the 6 hours I had to be “on” for user validation and then again for another 2+ hours starting at 9PM when all my actual wizarding commences.

Sometimes it feels like I am sort of the Wizard behind the curtain. As long as everything is going smooth, nobody even notices there’s some magic happening. As soon as something is not right, then the curtain is pulled back and I’m exposed as I push on pedals and work the gears (and sometimes wield my wand to fix a problem). My goal is to keep that curtain closed at all times. “Nothing to see here, move along”.

Right now it’s actually almost midnight and I’ve had quite a long day and am due for a good night sleep. Maybe I’ll get to make up for missing Earth day tomorrow by spending some time outside exploring.

Be Kind and Rewind,
~Miss SugarCookie


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