2017-04-23 Phoenix – Day 2, The Working Weekend Continues

Today I woke up at around 7AM, but only had about 4.5 hours of sleep. It was not because I was up late having fun, it was all work related. I think I went to bed after midnight, but must not have fallen asleep for a while, according to my trusty FitBit.

This morning I did not waste much time and got dressed right away to go work out. I knew that as soon as the day really started, I would get sucked into doing work stuff and my free time would go “poof”, like cinderella’s dress and carriage at midnight. So I worked out, walked to Walgreens, and ate at the Hotel breakfast, all before 10AM. Shortly after that, the work stuff started.

I’ve really been at it ever since. My co-worker and I met to go have lunch at a nice brunch place (and ice cream after), but that’s the only break I’ve had since just after breakfast. I’m really ready for sleep. I keep saying I am going to get more, but then I just don’t seem to. There’s always something more important. Apparently.

The place we had brunch was called 1130. And it was in a pretty nice area. I opted to get NOT a Cheeseburger today after ordering one the last two dinners out. I had the “lobster cups” which was like a big fancy piece of lettuce with lobster, avocado, sprouts, crispy strips, and some kind of asian slaw served with an asian dipping sauce. It was good.

The one thing I noticed on my walk today (which was early and already really hot), was that even though the city does not have a lot of green, there are a lot of cool plants with beautiful blooming flowers. I don’t know if it is because it is spring or if it’s always like that.

I think it got up to 97 today. The sun at 9:30 AM was already so brutal that I felt like I was going to burn under my SPF. I didn’t, but I felt like I was.

Well, I need to get a good nights rest as tomorrow is going to be another long one. Time to pack it in.

Miss SugarCookie


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