2017-04-25 Phoenix – What Day is it Again?

Day 3 came and went and I did not have a minute to spare to write about any of it. Now it is day 4 and it is about ready to start all over again.

I’m running on 3 hours of sleep and that’s probably not going to sustain me for the whole day today, especially if I have to be “on” like yesterday. I also don’t think any amount of caffeine is going to help me. It’s one thing to work hard doing a job you are an expert at and really kicking ass, but it is entirely different adding a second job which you don’t normally do to the mix.

On this one I am both Interface Engineer and PM. The PM job is consuming all of my time because that’s the people interaction part that requires constant attention. I think I’ve spent more time typing notes, updating spreadsheets, and communication with folks in the last 3 days than I did in my normal job the whole month of March. That is saying a lot, because I take a lot of notes and am the consummate communicator.

I’ve been spending so much time on the PM stuff, the items I need to work on to resolve issues have been piling up. I really hope today I have a little time to work on that so I can start reporting things are ready to be retested.

I also need to spend a little more time alone, because the introvert in me get’s exhausted when it comes to spending a whole day with other people. At dinner last night, it was so dark in the restaurant and I was so tired from the day, I could barely read the menu and cary a good conversation with my co-workers.

Then last night they said they wanted to go out to breakfast and that would mean meeting in the lobby at 6:45 this morning. I’m not excited about that. I considered telling them to enjoy and that I would take an UBER to the hospital, but figured to wait how I felt this morning. Now here it is at 6AM and I’m not even sure if I can make it to 6:45 let alone, an another 10 hour day. But I guess I have no choice but to try Ayyyy dios mio.

Here I Go,
Miss SugarCookie


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