2017-05-01 Happy May Day

I went into the office this morning and made it about 2 hours before I had to leave again. I felt so seriously not able to focus and really not wanting to be at work at all. I want to work, I was just not physically able. The first thing I did this morning was catch up on my time cards and as it turns out, I spent 76 hours working last week. I spent 56 hours the week before that. If you are doing the math, I worked almost three full work weeks in two. No wonder I am burnt out.

I came back to nothing urgent and on fire, which was nice. My team is very self sufficient, so that’s awesome. I just have so much to catch up on, I don’t know how I will ever find the time. The biggest irritant is always that email or call about something that’s a priority which is not really a priority. I just need to find a way to not let all that bother me so much. I need to let it go.

I took a half a day off to go to my son’s school and meet with his MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team). He’s on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for certain areas of learning and has been for the past three years. Today was the meeting to discuss his recent re-testing. Now, as it turns out, he only qualifies for aid in one area instead of four, so the IEP continues with a focus on written expression. It’s all just no big deal as far as I am concerned, because the kid is super smart, and funny, and well liked by his peers. He’ll have no trouble in life. I’m sure of that.

I took a half day off, but still ended up working another couple of hours at home on a thing that’s not even supposed to be my job. That madness has to stop. I ended up getting a headache and took (in this order)…

– 800mg of ibuprofen (with milk).
– Two Excederine (for caffiene and tylenol – confident my issue was caffeine withdrawal related.
– Promethazine to counter balance the caffeine and help me sleep.
– After being woke up and feeling wide awake.. Xanax.

That’s probably all not super awesome mixed together in my system, but at least I will sleep. In fact, that seems like where I should be right now so I’m going to pack it in for the night. Hoping to have great dreams.

Ready for Sleep,
Miss SugarCookie


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