2018-01-17 The Return of Bird Girl and Other Morning Musings

Today when I walked into the gym I immediately noticed the girl running on the second to last treadmill in the back row of treadmills. She’s hard not to notice.

Today she’s not wearying the bright red top that flows back and forth methodically from every end as she keeps Time on her machine. No. Instead she’s wearing a skirt that looks like it’s supposed to be a slip that goes under some knee length dress. It’s sort of a nude/pink color and, like the shirt from the other day, it flows and bounces back and forth when she runs. This is paired with a cami style shirt with spaghetti straps. It also looks like underclothing and As far as I can tell, there’s no sports bra underneath. I’m not really close enough to tell though.

Yeah, that’s her. And she’s here first to claim her machine. Today her hair is in a French braid and it looks longer than it did last time. Actually, I’m noticing a lot more of her features today than I did last time and I think that’s because I’m not spending my observational moments thinking about the possible dynamics between her and the man in black. He’s not here yet.

Good for her not conforming to the stereotype of typical gym wear. People shouldn’t have to be made to feel they have to dress a certain way to go to a gym and workout. Most do, because that’s what society dictates. I’ll admit I do too. I’ve got four or five workout pants and about twice as many tops that I cycle through.

As I’ve tried to thin my closet in the last few year, I’ve shed a lot of shirts and tops but most were casual wear and if there’s anything I’ve acquired more of it’s “workout” clothing. The only thing that’s trumped my purchases of exercise “things” is dresses. I have a serious weakness for cute dresses.

I employ a very effective minimalistic rule when it comes to buying new clothes. If I really want something.. a sweater or shirt or shoes, I have to choose two like items to give up and give away. That means, that if I really want that new dress, I have to select two dresses from my closet and put them in the Goodwill pile. This has really worked for me and what I’ve been left with are a small amount of clothes that I really love. A person doesn’t need a lot, they just need several key items that are functional for whatever function one might be attending.

I used to have a lot of business and business casual things, and that is mostly gone now. I’ve kept a few key things for job interviews and funerals, but most of the dress pants and blouses I had once are long gone. A few of my favorites are still hanging out in my “spare” closet, so I still have leeway to follow my rule if I find something I decide I can’t live without. I have a harder time, again, parting with dresses.

I’m somewhat attached to every dress in my closet for one reason or another and would have a really tough time choosing two to get rid of if I happen to find a new one I want to buy. It’s really a good thing I don’t like shopping for clothes. (infact I actually loathe it.)

My only sadness about my collection of dresses comes when I see them all hanging in my closet and I’ve got no place to go to show them off. Maybe I should steal a page out of bird-girl’s playbook and start wearing them to the gym. 😜 Now THAT would be a spectacle.

She’s left her perch now and was gone before the man in black arrived so I missed the opportunity to see him have to make a choice about which treadmill to run on today.

I’ve got some other thoughts about a video I watched last evening on Linked-In, but I’m going to split that off into its own post. Nobody shares a post with Bird-Girl!

~Miss SugarCookie


2018-01-14 Sushiless Sunday Status Update

No Sushi for me today. I’m on day 7 of the Whole 30, which means no rice, which means no sushi. Waaaaaa.

While I am on the subject of food, for today’s status, lets just start there. Here are my musings about this Whole 30 thing so far…

Day 1 – I love eggs, this is going to be easy.
Day 2 – I love avocados, this is going to be easy.
Day 3 – Just bought another set of groceries to make some delicious meals, but I’m hungry for something right now and I don’t want to cook. My sister is cooking dinner for me, what a relief.
Day 4 – I love chili, and this was so easy. The guacamole I made to go on top just like my sister did is a great idea.
Day 5 – Eggs for breakfast, again. Still delicious, but I’m still hungry.
Day 6 – I think I might be eating too many nuts, but that’s not cheating right? I’ll just have another RX bar. That’s not cheating right?
Day 7 – I need to make that cauliflower rice thing before the cauliflower that I bought goes bad.

I’m still doing it, but recognize I need to ration my nuts and probably only go to the bars as a last resort. I read the label on a box of Larbars yesterday, and though all the ingredients are all whole with nothing off limits, it’s still “processed food” which is counter to the spirit of the program. The first ingredient is “dates”, which is also telling. Dates are “sugar bombs”, and if there is one goal I have in mind with doing this experiment, it’s that I can overcome my addiction to sugar.

I ate one yesterday, they are really sweet and I’m going to resist having any more until after the program is done. It’s one thing to have resolve, but another to maintain that resolve and not give in to tempation in the face of something so easy and already within arms reach. I haven’t been very tempted by the things that are in my pantry, which is a good sign. But can I hold steady with something as tasty as that? Time will tell.

With this sudden change in diet, I have seen a little bit of fall out so far in my energy levels. I have not been able to kick into high gear at the gym and have had a tough time with Jazzercise a few days this week. My overall activity has not changed much though.

5 Jazzercise classes and an average of 18K steps a day. I only missed my daily goal of 15K steps once and that was the day of the ice and snow where I was basically trapped at home all day.

Relationship status…
Single and (for the moment) happily so.

Employment status…
Part time and really digging it.

Student status…
Full time and trying to find my groove and figure out where to focus my efforts.

And last, but never least – Sleep!…
Average of 7 hours and 23 minutes a night, so close to my 7.5 goal! I have high hopes for this week. I can do it!!!

That’s probably it for now. Time to get today’s party started!

Stay Warm,
~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-10 Random Gym Thoughts

As I move methodically along atop my beloved elliptical machine and peer out among the crowd today, I somehow have nothing to say.

As I look to my left I see a familiar sight. It’s the dude in black running the treadmill on the end of the back row of treadmills. I have my machine and he has his and we always seem to be here around the same time. He runs a long time and on one hand I have so much respect for that and on the other I think “how boring” because I hate running (my knees hate running too).

I can run a mile, if I wanted to, but when I do I’m quickly reminded that I hate it. Then, a day later my knees remind me they hate it too. It’s lose, lose, lose. Forget that!

Today there’s a girl running next to him. She’s on the treadmill right next to his. This is really curious because the whole rest of that row is empty and typically, as human nature would dictate, people always opt for space between the machines when given a choice. People usually leave at least one machine between them.

This means that either 1. She’s with him. 2. She was there first and he’s REALLY attached to that machine. 3. She has an atypical human bubble. No matter what, it’s interesting to me.

She’s got normal workout pants on and a very non-typical top. It’s a bright red shirt with three quarter length sleeves that flare out at the ends. The bottom of the shirt also flairs out in the front and back, so much so that when she runs the whole thing bounces and flows in an absurd way like some bird doing a mating dance.

Since the shirt is short on the sides, I can see inches of skin bouncing just above her waistline. I’ve never seen her here before so she’s probably a resolutionary.

This time of year i like to look at people and place tiny internal bets on how long they will last. If I were to do that with bird-girl over there, I’d say she’s in it to win it and she’ll probably be back for more for a while. Maybe she’s trying to decide if this “gym” thing is really for her before she invests in some more clothing. Who knows.

I’ll be honest, I’m not that observant when I’m at the gym. I’m typically in my own headspace about things and don’t much concern myself with what others are doing. There are other people that look familiar, but that could be because after a while everything sort of blends together like soft pastels on paper.

Of course I recognize Troy, the manager. He’s always here either working or working out. About a month ago I had a job interview with him and he seemed like a good guy. He clearly cares about what he’s doing and I respect that. I had to decline the second interview that was offered because I’m not doing ANYTHING for minimum wage.. ever.

After 8:30am, I can thoutfully guess that anybody still here doesn’t have typical 9 to 5 jobs. It’s a mix of students, retired people, and random others who might be on their day off or unemployed or self made millionaires.

Given its Nebraska and winter here is a fierce and fickle beast, I’d also cross out the possibility there are any millionaires here now. If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be at Macy’s buying you a green dress “but not a real green dress, that’s cruel”.

Bird-girl is gone now and the man in black is on his cool down walk. I’ve decided they are not together.

I can’t seem to handle any resistance today at all and I’m going to blame the Whole 30 thing. I definitely need more calories today. More protein and fat and things that make you feel full. I spent most of yesterday feeling hungry and empty. I can’t do that for 28 more days or I’ll die. For realz!

I should mix up my workout today and do some weights or something but I just don’t think I have it in me. I think I’ll just go home and get to work instead.

Over it and Out,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-07 Sushi Sunday Funday Status Update – A Year in the Rearview

It’s Sunday January 7th, 2018 and my gym is swarming with resolutionaries but I’m not there yet because I’m still catching up from last week.

I’ve not had time to reflect deeply on 2017, but I think that’s ok because I spent so much time on it throughout the year. I was evaluating my status and goals every couple of weeks and it goes without saying (because I have said it often this past year), but I’m in such a better place, physically and mentally now.

My left-brain, lover of Stats has this to say about 2017…

231 Jazzercise Classes

Up 3 lbs in handheld weights in class (now at 8lbs).

5,480,146 steps. Just over 15k per day.

That’s freaking awesome.

An average of 7 hours and 25 minutes sleep per night. This is also amazing, but I’m somewhat shocked by this and may go back and check the data.

Lots of attempts at changing my diet.. and zero change in my weight. Don’t misunderstand, the weight is not important.. it’s the only measure I have. Perhaps I’ll do body fat % again sometime soon to see if I really did add more muscle like I think I did.

Relationship status daily average: Single 😜

Employment status daily average: Part time. I spent half a year at full time and half a year unemployed.

I’d like to calculate how many miles I travelled.. but there’s not an app I’ve been using for that and it would take too much time to do manually. I’ll just name my destinations:

Cancun Mexico for my sisters wedding, Kiehei Hawaii on the island of Maui, Phoenix, Austin (x2), Denver (x2), Seattle, Portland, The Redwood Forest in Northern Cali, Highway 101 in the Pacific Nortwest, Saint Louis, Beatrice Nebraska for the Totality, and finally, Nebraska City Nebraska for the inaugural trip for my MFA.


Consequently, my bank account is now 30k lighter. Financial status is still holding steady at stable.

And last, but certainly not least, my main goal to live every day inching closer and closer to a happy and fulfilling existence was, for the most part, met with success. This could not been made possible without the help of the writing I have done for this blog.

337 blog posts

1399 visitors




And 84 followers.

Thank you to all who have read and liked and stuck with me in my little blogging adventure. You are all awesome!

And without further ado, welcome to 2018!

Lets Rock and Roll this Bitch!

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-12-17 Stellar Sunday Stats

I can hardly believe that two weeks have gone by again already. The closer we get to the end of the year, the faster time flies.

This is the second to last status update for the year and I’m quite pleased that I’m holding steady on most things.


I’m still getting just shy of 7 hours per night. The goal is 7.5 and I think I will be able to get there real soon now.


19.4K steps on average the last 7 days. I did 6 Jazzercise classes this week and am zeroing in on my yearly goal there. If I hit 175 classes, I get a free t-shirt. All that sweat and all I get is a t-shirt. 😜

In truth, I hit 175 quite a ways back but I go to more than one location and their systems are not linked, so that 175 is at one location only.

Work.. I’m employed (woo-hoo) but not actually working or making money yet.

Relationship Status.. Becoming less complicated all the time. I’ll likely be single again soon. (Was I Ever not single?)

Healthy Eating…

I did better on this in the past week and only caved once for one of my favorite meals (you guess what that was). I’m very much gearing up to start the whole 30 in January. After I get home and am settled from my school retreat, probably January 8 since that’s a Monday.

In fact, as I often do, I’m already looking to the future and setting new goals on all fronts. I’m going to ride the rest of this year out without modifications but because I was so successful this year I want to keep that momentum and push forward.

All will be revealed in two weeks!

Happy Sunday,

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-12-03 Sunday Status Update and Reflection

Some days I feel so positive about my progress and some days I just feel like a follow through failure. Braeaking it all down with statistics helps me realize the reality and take feelings out of the story. These “pulse checks” are therefore very helpful. It’s also helpful to compare one moment in time to another. That way I can truly see if I’m making progress and meeting my goals.

Here’s today’s snapshot…

Exercise/Steps: My average steps for the last 7 days was just shy of 20k steps per day. This is on par with where I was two weeks ago but about twice as much as I was getting at the start of the year.

I went to about 6 Jazzercise classes for the week which is also about the same as last week but I’m doing more of this now than at the start of the year as well. I’m still using 8 pound weights but don’t think I can go any heavier because 8 pounds is pretty taxing on my joints.

Sleep: My 7 day average was 6 hours and 50 minutes. This is worse than the last four previous weeks which were all 7+ hours average per night. My goal has been 8 for so long but I’m feeling that’s unrealistic. I’m going to adjust accordingly and shoot for 7.5 hours. I’ve still felt rested and energized for the day when I wake up and I think that’s the important thing. I’m now able to sleep through the night which is HUGE! A year ago I was so far from that it’s crazy and was even still struggling six months ago. I’m attributing my improved mood and energy to this one factor and therefore know for certain the changes I’ve made in my life were not just good ones.. they were absolute necessity.

Eating: It was a tough week and my willpower was low. I had too much junk with sugar in it. I’ve decided I’m going gluten free… and I started a couple of days ago. If that seems familiar, it’s because it is. I just copy/pasted that from two weeks ago. It’s exactly the same. I caved on the gluten free thing a few times and broke down and had too many sweets. But a few days ago, on December 1st, I re-committed myself to being gluten free. It’s time to get serious. I’m not going to try and fool myself into thinking I can also cut dairy or sugar at the same time. So this month I’m going to focus on just that one change.

Employment: Still None. My MFA residency starts this month and I’m now actively engaged in looking for a job.

Relationships: I now have a backlog of writing to do on this subject.. for romantic relationships and new things regarding family, but I’ve not found dedicated time to do so because of other priorities. Of course I’m still single and unsure what to do about these of my life, but it’s not like it’s a thing you can set goals around and make “progress”. Am I Right?

Looking forward to:

1. Monday – Pounding the world wide electronic superhighway for a job. (Yes.. I’m actually excited about this).
2. Tuesday – An evening in or out with my lovely sister. .
3. Wednesday – Showing my HVAC who is boss and filing away the final episode of that saga.
4. Thursday – Lunch with Leah.
5. Friday – FriYay!
6. Saturday – Christmas cookie chaos!!

Life is Still Good,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-11-19 The 11:30 Quick and Dirty

It’s getting close to that midnight hour and I haven’t blogged yet today. I’ve had quite the full day.. Jazzercise, Gym, Cooking, Christmas Decorating with the kids (yeah, that happened), and then a visit to Simon’s. I’ve just plum run out of time. So this one will have to be quick. No doubt the perfect opportunity for a Sunday Status Update…

Exercise/Steps: My average steps for the last 7 days exceeded 20k steps per day. I also averaged out at about 7 Jazzercise classes for the week.

Sleep: My 7 day average was 7 hours and 22 minutes. Last night I got 8 hours and 22 minutes!! 😀

Eating: It was a tough week and my willpower was low. I had too much junk with sugar in it. I’ve decided I’m going gluten free… and I started a couple of days ago. So far so good.

Employment: None. Soon to be a full time student.

Relationship: Dating. Is it dating? What’s the official definition?

Looking forward to:
1. Monday – Seeing Rebecca for lunch.
2. Tuesday – Girls night out (again with Rebecca).
3. Wednesday – Pie and Karaoke night with Simon.
4. Thursday – Thanksgiving at my sisters.
5. Friday – Friday!
6. Saturday – Dinner and game night at my other sisters.

I lied. It’s not yet 11:30 and this update was pretty clean.
It was quick though so I’m not totally wrong.

Tell Your Friends,
~Miss SugarCookie