2018-06-10 Mind the Gaps (or Don’t)

The first half of this week I totally kicked ass at getting things done and sticking to my master plan. This second half.. maybe not as much. I probably could have predicted that. One area that has suffered is my gym time and consequently my blogging so there are gaps. I can’t be too concerned about those gaps because it was not my area of focus for the week and I have to learn to “let it go”.

My areas of focus for the week were diet and getting things crossed of my monthly to-do list. Revisiting what I wrote on Monday for these goals, I’m actually not doing that bad. I got 5 out of 5 done ✅ on the to-do list I set for myself and last time I checked, that was 💯 percent! The other area -diet- wasn’t as stellar. 3 of 5. 60% is a D grade. 😕

What I failed at was having no added sugar and the whole nightly fasting thing. No surprise there. Sugar is my best frenemy. Here’s the bright side.. I get another opportunity next week to try again AND hitting success with 3 isn’t nothing. I should celebrate my success staying gluten free and drinking alll that water. The minimizing dairy is no biggie because I basically do that already. I probably only had the equivalent of six slices of cheese all week. I think that’s one area I could cut completely and not be too torn up about it. The sugar thing, however, is no joke.

So for my Sunday stats that’s probably enough about diet already. Here’s the best of the rest…

Sleep: 7 hours and 37 minutes average sleep a night. Yowza.. that’s amazing. Better than last week and I wasn’t even trying. I also slept through a few bad-ass storms apparently which means my sleep was also better quality. Now that I have this fancy new Fitbit that does heart rate, I get more detailed reports. That’s cool. For averages it still only calculates weekly overall sleep but now I can see 30 day and whole year averages for time spent awake, in REM, light, and deep sleep. 😎

My exercise wasn’t in focus and there’s definitely a gap and general decline in this area. 13 K steps a day on average and only 2 Jazzercise classes. I’m still trying to get my moneys worth before my membership is up at the end of June, but it’s tough when it doesn’t reLly fit in my routine anymore. I probably won’t try to kick this up a notch until after all this travel nonsense is over, which will be just about July.

The relationship is still amazing. The kids are great. Work is great too. School is far from my thoughts at this point, and I’m really still just riding this wave of awesome I’ve found myself on.

Now.. if I only had some sushi today, the week would be complete. 🍣 If I don’t close that gap either, it’s still all good. 😊

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie


2018-06-03 A Sunday with Significance

But first.. weekly stats! The top areas of focus this week were sleep and work so I’ll start there.

Sleep.. 7 hours and 12 mites average sleep per night. Score! That’s 12 minutes above goal and I only missed hitting that two of 7 nights. Next stop – 7 and a half. It’s all about baby steps though, and not being too unrealistic. This week I’ll be with My sweetheart and that means I’m liable to get less sleep. I should set an overall long term goal to be to average out to 7 hours a night. My Fitbit supports calculating averages for a week, month, three months, and for the year. Interesting that I’m already really close to the 7 hour mark for this year (6 hours and 57 minutes) so maybe I should shoot for 7.5 instead. 🤔

Work.. The last two weeks have been great. This past week I clocked my new minimum of 30 hours. It’s my new minimum because now I have to foot the bill for the kids’ health insurance which got dropped when my ex quit his job in April. It’s an extra 600 bucks a month. Gross! Interesting side note, he’s just this week quit yet another job. Supposedly he has another lined up AND is saying he’s putting the kids on the new company plan. I’ll believe it when I see it cuz i just can’t trust anything really unless there’s proof. I. Short.. I’ve got to maintain at least 30 hours to stay qualified for my company plan. And those extra hours will not yield a higher paycheck because the cost of the insurance will be more than the extra I’m making. 🙄

Now for the best of the rest..

Exercise. Average 11k steps and zero Jazzercise classes. That’s right, a big fat goose egg for the exercise classes. I also happened to do my monthly pulse check on finances yesterday and those classes cost me 60 bucks a month. As a consequence, and figuring the low class participation is a trend that’s going to continue all summer, I went ahead and cancelled my membership. WHAT??! 😮 Words I never dreamed I would write, but I’m realistic and if I’m not getting out of it what I put in 💲💲💲, it’s not worth it. The dollar rules a lot of life decisions, this is no exception. 🤑

I’m going to take a break for at least as long as I need to in order to take advantage of the bonus plan. Which are deals they offer former customers to return like 1 whole year for 399. That would basically cut my cost in half. That’s a sweet deal. In the mean time, I’ll be doing more outside and can pick up some classes at the gym to compensate, when I have time.

In other news, my diet/eating still needs to be reined in. I weigh more now than I have for like 10 years. I know exercise is not my problem… I know it’s food and potentials changes in my metabolism. Getting old sucks. The most ducked up part of all of it is this trend started when I did that insane Whole 30 diet with my sister in January. I didn’t loose any weight those 30 days and have been steady climbing ever since. I’ve gained about 10 lbs, which doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it is.

It’s bothered me so much I’ve considered going back on the Whole Foods diet just to see if it has any affect doing a second round. I’ve also considered going gluten free again. If I do either of these two things, it will be a good test of how JS handles me having food restrictions. Matt never took that well and was not supportive. It always bugged me the way he would roll his eyes about that stuff. Whatever.

Actually part of my weight gain could be a result of being in a new relationship and happy and just enjoying indulging in all the wonderful things in life together. Yeah, we work out together but we also eat together and having someone else cooking and serving me means I haven’t been choosing my own portion size. That’s gonna change this week.

Which brings me to why today is significant. Today is our 3 month Anniversary AND later today we are having a Meetup at his house where our kids will meet for the first time. Yowza! I’m trying not to think about it too much. I mean, they are all teenagers and I’m sure it will be fine. But I can’t help but have some anxiety thinking about it.

It’s going to be a fantastic Sunday! It’s beautiful out, the birds are singing, and everything is going my way. I’m so fortunate and I know it. This June is going to be busy and just balls-out amazing with the trips planned. Cheers to a great start to it all.

Rolling Into Sunday Sumner Fun,

~Miss SugarCookie

PS. If you tuned in to see how last nights cliffhanger turned out, all I have to say about it is that Sleep took over and after I posted I never even got back out of bed. (So lame! 😜)

2018-05-27 Sweet Sunday Status

Let’s see now.. what do things look like this week. 👀

Sleep.. 6 hours and 44 minutes average per night. Not quite at goal, but that’s prolly cuz there’s too much awesome going on right now. I don’t want to miss a minute of the action. I’ll sleep later! 😜

Exercise.. 12771 Average steps a day. 🤔 Hmm.. probably also because of the awesome factor. I only did 1 Jazzercise class and not a lot of time spent at the gym. It’s also gone right from winter to summer and everyday this week has been in the 90’s. Yuk. That means no tennis or biking or walking.

Eating.. yeah.. nothing to see here, just move along now. Life is delicious. 😋

Work is workin it all the time. Great week, lots of hours. If I work more full time during the summer by the time school rolls around again, I’ll be in good shape for taking it easy again. This last week I got about 35 and that’s a sweet spot to be right now.

Relationship status.. happily dating! That’s where all the awesome is coming from. I’d gladly sacrifice some sleep and steps for my amazing person. Last night we went to Dave and Busters and had drinks and played some games. In the end we ended up with like 158 tickets, with which we purchased two sparkle bracelets and bequeathed then to each other declaring our best-friendship. It doesn’t get any better than that (oh but it does).

This will be my last Sunday Status in May so let me give you a sneak peek into June. I have not one.. not two.. but three trips where I’m gonna be flying to some destination. Two are Work related and the 3rd is an exciting mystery.

Seriously. 3 back to back trips… First to Nashville for my company’s first annual retreat. That one is only really a day and a half but it’s all play and no work. No work for me anyway since I’m low-low-low (wo)man on the totem pole. It will be interesting to meet some folks for the first time.

The third trip is to Cali for a team Meetup for just my team that they have been trying to plan for like two months and something didn’t work for someone on each of the dates. It will be strange because I will have just met half of those People in Nashville, then we turn right around to meet in San Fran. Whatever. I’m not paying for it.

Sandwiches between the two will be the first vacation with my new best friend, JS. And get this shit.. it’s a surprise. That’s right.. he’s booked the whole trip and wants it to be a surprise. All I know is that I don’t need my passport and the temps will be in the 70’s and 80’s. Nobody has ever done anything like that for me before. Wowza!!

So that’s a lot going on in June. I’m ready. Bring it on! But first.. to finish out this fabulous weekend.

Sunday Funday rolling into Memorial Monday,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-05-20 The “Other” Sunday Status

This time I’m not looking at the last week or even the last month. I’m glancing back over my left shoulder at one year ago. One year ago today I asked my boss for a sabbatical.

The day after that I broke into tears over my failed relationship because I happened to see Orion’s Belt in a show Z and I watched together.

Right now, today, those things feel like a lifetime away. I was not granted the sabbatical and I quit my job. Still one of the best decisions of my life. I started dating again and after a series of unfortunate events, found my new love. The picture of my life right now is a vision I could not have imagined then.

I could not imagine cancelling a Meetup with Matt and not caring. I could not imagine getting a Masters degree in Writing. I could not imagine planning a future with someone new or not having a full time job or a life that’s everything I never even dared to dream about outloud. Yet here I am.

For most of the days of of my life, I’ve woke each day thankful and hopeful and happy. I’m a generally happy and positive person. I realize those tough times are but a blip on the record of my history. The hopeless days and nights that I was tortured with in 2016 are long gone.

The sleeplessness is gone. The constant contemplation about where I went wrong is gone. The unanswered questions that tried to murder me have faded to black and answers to questions I never asked are all around me. I’ve always been happy, but not like this. This is next level shit.

Someone once gave me the sage advice that it is ok to look back at the past, as long as you don’t stare. So this glance back today is just a glance. It’s just enough to remind me how far I’ve come as I roll through week after glorious week of “Sunday Status Updates”.

And I’ve come a long way baby!

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-05-20 Long Lost Sunday Status Update

Let’s see.. its been a few weeks since I did a proper Sunday Status. It’s kind of a broken record thing anyway but here goes…

Exercise: Average 17k steps for the week. I’m hovering right around 14.5 k for the past month and 15k for the past 3 months and 16k so far this year. The count of Jazzercise classes continues to be low.. Only 2 this past week.

Food: Nothing ever changes. I’m still unhappy with things right now but apparently not unhappy enough to stick to any mods in the diet. The story is always the same. Ugh. I’m super pumped every day to make great choices and by the end of the day I’m on a slippery slide down a slope crashing into a pile of junk food at the bottom. My weight has also been a stupid number messing with my head even though my weight is fine, but the truer measure is how I feel when I look in the mirror. Right now I’m an unhappy camper. Clothes that don’t fit the same as they did last year and there’s me asking myself “does my butt look big”. It’s a trick question with no good answer. Damn. It’s time for setting concrete goals until I’m satisfied. As of today I’m about 7 lbs over my target 🎯 and so I’d like to loose 1 pound a week to get to that goal by July. Maybe I’ll try that Keto thing for a week and see how that goes. I dunno.

Sleep: Average of 7 hours and 5 minutes a night in the last week. Better than the previous weeks but I’d really like to hit 7.5 hours. See.. broken record.

Work: Still employed and trying to get those hours in so I can pay for that castle I live in and all my shiny red cars and trips to tropical destinations. 😜

School: Taking a break yo! No more to do until July.

And last but never least.. Relationship Status: Dating and happy and hopeful for the future. This week we both met each other’s kids and all that went perfectly. It’s a wonderful feeling being so doted over and treated like the most important thing in someone’s like. He’s so thoughtful and caring and everything a girl could ask for. At this point we are making plans for the Summer and going on our first vacation together. He wants to travel just as much as I do so that’s the bomb. I could go on and on, but I gotta cut and run.

Today I’m trying to get a good workout in because it’s “release” weekend at work so I’m on the hook for testing and documentation for that. Like I said.. gotta get those hours in when I can to pay for my life of luxury!

Happy Sushi Sunday,

~Miss SugarCookie

2018-05-06 Let’s Do This Sunday Thing

It’s Sunday again and that means it’s Status Update time. Today’s theme.. the struggle never ends, but that’s so, so good!

Exercise… 13.5K average steps per day this past week. Below average for goal and well below average for my personal lofty expectations. A big part of this is probably the sharp drop-off of my Jazz classes. I used to get 3-6 classes a week and each one is like 5k+ steps. This past week my count of classes was ZERO. Yup.. a giant goose egg. Whatever though, I just haven’t had the time (better things to do). My routine is stale and I need to mix it up and the good weather brings more options. I don’t want to be inside dancing when I can be outside dancing!

Healthy eating.. THE single biggest frustration of my life besides relationships. I’ve lived in this body long enough to know myself really well and can predict my behaviors miles before the decisions are presented. This week was full of healthy choices followed by overindulgence and typical end of the day cheating on myself with sweets. This blog isn’t called the organic SugarCookie by random chance! 😜

Anyway. I could try to blame it on my relationship status because everyone knows you gain weight and make bad choices when you’re living large in the glow of new love, but I was doing this shit when I was alone and thinking I was going to be that way for the rest of my life. Whatever. JS thinks I look great and tells me that all the time. So what I gained a few pounds. Well.. as long as that weight gain train stops there. Sometime soon I’m going to do a deep dive on this topic. This status update has already gone on too long.

On that note.. yes, I’m still employed (flirting with full time getting 30 hours this week – gross). JS and I celebrated knowing each other 2 months this week… yaaaayas!! And I’m still in school full time (on summer break now though).

OMG.. I almost forgot sleep. People what up? I got 7 hours and 21 minutes average per night. That’s incredible.

I guess this week was pretty good despite the food and exercise things. I’m always going to struggle with balancing everything, but that’s ok. Life is wonderful and if that’s the biggest challenge I have, I’m fortunate. I know that.

And now.. without further ado.. it’s time to do this Sunday thing we do!

Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

2019-04-29 Sushi Sunday Status Update

That title? That’s wishful thinking. I’m really hoping to have Sushi today for lunch or dinner. I haven’t had it in a while. Things feel a little off but I guess that’s what happens when your whole life has changed. I haven’t done stats in a while and I know some things are not up to par but others are great so I guess that makes sense. Let’s make this official…

Exercise.. Average steps last week 15,480 per day. In the last month 13,435. This is pretty low compared to what I was averaging in the first part of the year, or even the end of last year. But to be fair, at the end of last year I wasn’t in school, and didn’t have a job, and wasn’t in a relationship. All things considered, I think maintaining 15K per day is pretty good. The other thing suffering is Jazzercise. I haven’t been able to go to a class in over a week and seriously thinking about cancelling. Crazy considering my recent post about loving it. At 7AM on a Sunday, I’m very much like /shrug. I just need to start utilizing classes and eq at my gym more which is more convenient. Again /shrug.

Sleep.. Not too bad but not great either. Average per night last week was 6 hours and 23 minutes. 7-26 the week before that and 7-14 the week before that. The problem is not so much getting good sleep at this point, its that those averages are based on one night getting 9 hours and the next 5. That’s a wild swing. I dunno, maybe I can do something to even it out a little bit. /Shrug

Eating.. This week it’s been no problem and I’ve done pretty good, I guess. I haven’t really binged on anything super bad. I’ve been hanging out with Jim a lot and he eats really healthy so that helps. When I’ve been left to my own devices, however, I’m tending to not make great choices to counter that. I had fast food three times or four times this week, not terrible but not awesome. I’m continuing to gain little bits of weight and am now 5 lbs over my ideal (or typical) weight. Something is always a struggle.

School.. Full time but the semester is wrapping up so the pressure is off there. The next thing will be a final questionnaire that is due next week and then after that it will be preparing for Residency in July.

Work.. Failing to get my new minimum which is 30 hours a week. Last week I only worked 25 and that won’t cover the added expense for health insurance. The insurance doesn’t kick in until May 1st so this next week I really have to start putting in some more hours. I’m sure it will all work out just fine.

Relationship status.. We had our 8 week anniversary yesterday. We celebrated by spending the whole day together. We went to an estate sale, and shopping at a few stores for things for the house and yard. We went grocery shopping together and also executed plan “introduce the cats”, which sort of went OK. We worked out just a short time, cooked dinner out on the grill, and then watched our new show, Lost In Space. It was a great day.

Today will probably be a more chill day with less running around. I need to relax some and also have more work to do for the software release this weekend. I feel like I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I’m going to try and go back to bed. One last day before the kids come back from Brian’s and I also need to get my butt in gear to plan some things out for Cooper’s bday. Right now, though, I’m very much like /Shrug.

Happy Sunday-ing,
~Miss SugarCookie