2017-05-31 Decisions, Decisions

Good Decision – Going to Denver for the holiday weekend.
Bad Decision – Not checking the weather and packing the wrong clothes.
Good Decision – Walking everywhere downtown.
Bad Decision – Buying at $10 salad and a fancy salad place.
Good Decision – Bringing the bike with me.
Bad Decision – Not riding it. 😔
Good Decision – Going to Red Rocks for a concert, meeting some new people, and tailgating for the first time. (Tom Petty was awesome by the way.)
Bad Decision – Drinking way too much AND doing so the night before driving home across Colorado and Nebraska for 8 hours. I’ve never had to drive with a hangover before, and hopefully I never will again.

It was a quick trip, but a good one. I am glad to be back home and getting to sleep in my own bed tonight. I’ve got laundry to do and the kids are being dropped off in a little bit. I have to go into the office tomorrow morning and have a full day of meetings and work. I would say it is back to business as usual, but it probably will be nothing like that for the next four weeks.

This trip has been a good preamble for all the awesomeness to come. I’m sure I will have many more good and bad decisions in my near future.

Jury is Always Out,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-30 Denver – Make it Count

This has been a pretty quick trip and today is my last day so I need to make it count. I’ve already been rocking and rolling on work issues this morning and I should be able to get a ton of stuff done. It’s amazing what an entire day free from interruptions and the burden of the future can do for productivity. I don’t have to worry about the 100 things that are next on the list and can zero in on the three that are at the top of the pile.

I’ll probably also walk down and get coffee after the morning meeting and perhaps work from that cafe for a little bit. Lance has gone to work already so I am just sitting here alone again looking out at the view. I think if I had to pick a downtown to live in, this one might be on the list. It was seriously too many people this past weekend, but it was a holiday and I kind of wonder what it would be like on a normal week or weekend.

After work we are going to Red Rocks to watch a concert. It is the main reason I made the trip after all. It looks like it is going to be a stellar weather day and I’m really excited to enjoy just as much of it as I possibly can.

On that note, time to shower and get ready for all the awesome.

No Time to Waste,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-29 Denver – Downtown Rooftop Patio is What is Up

Sometimes I wish I posted pics with my blog so folks could see what I see. A picture is worth a thousand words and I could just post a bunch of pictures and never need to write again. However, that would defeat my purpose.

I’m on the 3rd floor patio of Lance’s apartment building and it is a nice mix of flowers and green with a concrete patio. There are planters with herbs and flowers and veggies and several sets of tables and chairs in different corners of the space. The entire patio is surrounded by tall buildings so it does not really feel like you are on a rooftop, unless you walk to the edge and look down.

Earlier I strolled up and down 16th street which is blocked off from most traffic. It’s a lovely brick street lined with restaurants, shops, and other businesses on either side. All of that is also surrounded by the tall buildings of downtown Denver. Since it is a holiday it is teeming with people and a bit too crowded for my taste.

I basically went wandering in order to find a clothing store because in my haste I did not pack enough.. or perhaps just not the right things. It is colder here than I expected and I have only one jacket and the sweatshirt I brought was more for if I was going to go workout or play tennis or something, and not for wearing out.

I did find one store that had a few things that would do for now and just about that time I was reminded, by my stomach, of another priority more important than having proper clothing. Food. I really wanted something healthy and did not want to spend a long time sitting in a restaurant ordering food by myself, so I opted to step into a salad shop. I ordered the a small cobb salad. It was ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS?? for a salad?! A good reminder of why I don’t (and probably never will) live downtown in a major metropolitan area. Everything is over priced.

In fact, all the people, overpriced food and mass consumerism are all reminders. I would much rather grab an apple and my laptop and find some quiet spot to hang out alone. I don’t need a lot, and I don’t want to be dependent on a lot. Pretty soon now, my bank account/budget are going to back me up on that. The longer I can stretch my dollars, the longer I can go without needing a big income.

Many people my age are still “climbing” because that’s what we were brought up to believe was the thing to do. That way was the path to success and happiness. I’m beginning to feel differently. I am beginning to think that true happiness is not with things, but relationships and the simple pleasures in life. A good book. A spot of sunshine to stretch out in. A smile or hug from a friend. Pretty soon now I am going to have a lot more free time and I’m going to test that theory.

In the last 20 minutes the bright blue sky was taken over by dark clouds. The rain is now pouring down on the rooftop patio and I had to escape back up to the 9th floor. Now that it is nice and dark outside, it feels like a good time to take a nap. 😃

Except Lance just got home.

Peace Out,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-29 I’m so in Denver Right Now

I occurred to me when I woke up this morning that it’s been a few days since I wrote anything. Well, in truth, it occurred to me yesterday when I was driving across Nebraska, but I was driving, so I could not really do anything about it at the time.

Four days ago I quit my job. That’s pretty big news, and it is maybe going to take some time to sink in. I’ve told a few people, but not many. My sister knows but I have not told my parents yet and probably that will be best served in a face to face. Really, I’m still kind of getting used to the idea myself and I’ve got four weeks left of work, so taking my time on all of it.

Four days ago I quit my job and this morning I’m waking up in Denver. I’m staying with a friend of mine for a few days. He lives on the 9th floor of an apartment building on 16th and Larimer. It was kind of a spur of the moment trip, but he just broke up with a girl and had an extra ticket to a concert at Red Rocks and so I jumped at the invite. I’ve only been to a concert there once before, but it’s one of the best venues I’ve ever been to. It should be pretty cool.

It’s a long holiday weekend and I’m going to end up working from here for a day or so before driving back home. It’s a long (boring) drive across Nebraska just to go to a concert, so I wanted to stay for a few days and live the downtown life.

The drive yesterday was long indeed, and that much time in the car alone gave me a some serious time to think. I thought about my job and the people that I work with that I’m no longer going to be working with and it made me emotional. I thought about what I might do with my time off and that made me feel free and happy.

I thought about Matt and the road trips we have been on before, both good and bad, and that made me emotional too. One minute I was getting teary thinking about something and the next minute smiling about something else. I found it very strange how up and down I was the entire time.

I stopped in Ogallala Nebraska to buy a lottery ticket (as is my custom), but after going to two places and finding they no longer sell them, I figured it was not going to be my lucky day and gave up and got back on I-80. It took me a fairly long time to make the trip because I did stop several times along the way, but I arrived last night around 7:30.

Today is the actual holiday, so no work and I really don’t know what the plan will be for the day. It’s only 7AM here and I woke up with a slight headache so I may drink some water and lay back down for a bit. We’ll see where the day goes from there.

Mile High,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-16 To Market, To Market..

To buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, Jiggety-jig.

I’ve mostly gotten out of the habit of reading my last blog post when I open my laptop to write the next one. It’s really in the interest of time. If I start by reading, the next thing I know I’m editing and then comes the re-read. Rinse and repeat. So I have to just not hash over what it was last time, or yesterday, or the day before that or I will never get started on today.

Today, however, I was faced with an incredibly interesting situation… Reading what I wrote yesterday when I don’t remember what I wrote because I had been drinking. It’s not the first time and I am sure it will not be the last time, but I will say it happens very rarely. So I read what I wrote and in my head I’m all like “yup, it happened just like that”.

That was me out on the back patio of Jeremy and Rebecca’s house with a half open bottle of Prosecco that nobody wanted to finish on Mother’s day but also did not want to throw out. That was me climbing up on the side wall of the patio, not hesitating to grab that bottle and shake it until it fizz-squirted out the top while I giggled. Wishing I could have a do-over, because you know, I could have done THAT better, I tried to shake the bottle again, which, as it turns out, just looks ridiculous on the video Rebecca decided to film of that moment.

She sent me the video today and I received it while being driven to the airport. As I watched it, I was thinking to myself, “wow, I look really hunched over and my posture could be so much better. I need to work on that”. This was closely followed by “and now I’ll finally have the time”. Which was closely followed by “I really don’t feel so good”. Hangovers are a bitch.

I’m in the air again now and I’ve been processing all the conversations and decisions and thoughts I’ve had these past five days. It’s pretty freaking amazing that in the course of five days, your outlook on life can get so much better. I’m leaving Austin a better person. I’m leaving Austin a happier person. I’ve made my mind up and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me. It’s not sunny up in this aircraft, but I feel like I should be getting my shades out. 😃

I can see snow capped mountains in the distance and unless I’m totally off, it means we are nearing Denver and about to make our descent. After that I only have one flight left and I’ll be home.

To market to market to buy a fat hog.
Home again, Home again, Jiggety-jog.
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-15 Austin – Mother’s Day Sunday Fun Day

It appears that each of my blog posts are a day behind. I’m writing about yesterday when I wake up and that’s probably because I don’t want to miss a minute of the action during the day/evening to write. This time is no exception.

By the time I got up yesterday morning the bounce house had already been delivered and there was a wonder full smell of baking brunch goodies wafting through the house. Folks were if full-on hosting mode and preparing for guests to start arriving at 9.

I did some stretching and exercise in the exercise room and avoided all the prep until I heard other people start to arrive. Once that happened, I got ready and went to join the festivities.

It was such a great day. I snacked and had mimosas on and off for several hours and just kind of hung around different conversations. They had about 13 adults and 8 kids. It was one of those things where it felt really relaxing to just be present and chat and there was no pressure or anxiety that I sometimes feel around a room full of people. I’m sure the mimosas help with that.

I also did not hesitate to be “one of the kids” in the bounce house. It was a giant blow-up obstacle course complete with a set of stairs you climb up and slide to slide down. I’m not sure if I dominated the bounce house or if it dominated me. I’ve got a few nasty bounce house burns from the slide that still stung when I woke up today.

I was a touch sad to not be with my kids on mother’s day, but I spoke to them both and will be back home on Tuesday. I called my mom and talked to her too for a little bit. She admitted to having a hard time not having any plans with her four children today. But I reminded her I would see her on Tuesday also, and that it’s just another random day (which is really how I feel about it), and that it will be OK.

I really have always disliked the “day” holidays. Mother’s day, father’s day, bosses day, and valentines day is the worst. THE WORST. So I tend to kind of downplay any fan-fare and just treat it like any other day. In this case though, having a party (that I did not have to plan, or host, or prep for), was quite amazing.

I’ve already done a few work things this morning but think I’m going to take advantage of the nice/cool start to the day and go play some tennis. Lance has agreed to play with me so as long as he is still open to that, I’m going to make that my priority. The work will still be there when I get back. It’s (in the short term) unavoidable.

Love Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

2017-05-14 Austin – It Just Keeps Getting Better

I woke up on Saturday after a glorious 9 hours of sleep. I can’t tell you when the last time it was I had 9 hours. Friday after work we went to a place called Stubbs which is an outside BBQ place where they not only serve drinks but also have a play are and play equipment for the kids to run around and climb on. It was a beautiful afternoon and the kids had fun and we had fun. There is nothing like that in Omaha and I think it’s brilliant. Someone should really create a business like that in Papillion.

After that we came back home and just kind of sat around some more chatting and they went through their normal bed time routine with the kids. It seems we got most of the “Miss SugarCookie” drama out of the way the first night, so the focus was more on politics and current events and things going on in their world. To be fair, I was so sleepy I don’t remember a ton about it. I was not sorry about hitting 9PM on a Friday and declaring I needed to go to sleep, and as parents of two young kids, I think they were fine with that.

I’m still sort of amazed I sleep so well here. The kids get up pretty early, but I don’t hear them. Even still, my kids are older and don’t really make any noise in the morning at all. My waking up at 3 or 4 or 5 is all mental I think. What is it about being here that is different? Maybe it is that I don’t have to cook or clean or plan or try and fit everything into a day. Whatever happens happens, and my brain knows that??

Saturday was pretty low key too. Jer cooked me breakfast in the morning and then he went off to grocery shop and pick Lance up from the airport and Rebecca took the kids to swim lessons. While all of that was going on, I walked the path in their back yard and did a lot of thinking while listening to Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber. I created a playlist for this trip, which includes the newest album from both those artists, among others, but their tunes seemed to come up in the shuffle the most. It was a lovely walk under the most brilliant blue sky ever. Not too hot and very therapeutic. I got in over 10K steps before they arrived back home.

I had to work for a little in the afternoon on a customer project whose database and application are being upgraded this weekend, but it did not take me much time at all and before too long, we were getting ready to head out for some adults only fun. We visited a winery called Hawk’s Shadow, which was way up in the hills outside of the city. The view was pretty far and after having a tasting of several of their selections we each chose a glass to sit and enjoy the view and conversation a little longer.

We caught Lance up on all my drama, and he’s officially joined what I am now calling my Austin Advisory Committee. Adding a third member makes sense in case someone is needed to break ties in any decision or advice being given. 😉 Really it is good for me to just have some validation of all the things I am thinking already. Some of the things that we discussed feel like no-brainers at this point, but some of the more sensitive things, having to do with my relationships, are tougher for me to agree on. My heart disagrees with my head where Matt is concerned, but I am on the inside looking out. They are on the outside looking in and for them, the course is clear on what I should be doing.

“Cut and Run”, is the advice. I’m going to have to think through that a little more. I know they are right, but thinking and doing are two different things completely.

As we were sitting and talking a few quotes from a movie I had never seen came up. “Talladega Nights”. Lance insisted that we watch that when we got back to the house, so that is what we did. I think I was perhaps the only one to stay awake for the entire show. Maybe Jer did too. It was a good show. I rarely watch movies, especially ones in that genre of humor, but I enjoyed it.

Today is Sunday and also Mother’s day and there is a full day of activity planned for the morning and into the afternoon. They are having a group of friends over to have brunch and celebrate, several things, not just Mothers day, but it will involve mimosas and a bounce house. Sounds like a winner to me. 😃

On that note, time to get out of bed and say good morning.
~Miss SugarCookie