2018-04-24 Achtung Baby

I put my iPhone on master shuffle to see what the Universe thinks I should be inspired by. “Even Better than the Real Thing” by U2 apparently.

Hey.. isn’t that song like 30 years old? There’s nothing like THAT coming up in the shuffle of 1000+ songs I have on my personal electronic pocket computer in the year 2018. It doesn’t make me feel old, though, just a reminds me of an earlier time. The only thing even better that might be the actual “Real Thing”. 😜

Seriously though.. that song was one that my dear un-departed ex-husband put on a mixtape he made for me in the early days of our courting. It was my introduction to U2 and I’ve been a fan ever since. (Of U2, not my ex).


I stopped typing for a little bit there to think about life, and just like that I’ve blown right past the BNL (Bare Naked Ladies) and landed on Blue October. I guess that’s how life goes sometimes. How on earth did I miss all those years going by and land in 2008? It’s not a typo, 2008 was the year of Blue October and the event that I would later call my own personal “Punctuated Equilibrium”.

If that wasn’t enough to convince me that the Universe is a “Real Thing” (with a cosmic sense of humor), the next selection is “Song for the Road” by David Ford. The one and only and there’s no other connection for reference to my Simply Vera Era that is stronger than that (except Mr. A to the Z). The first time I heard it, we were riding in his black Jeep along 144th street to somewhere.. I don’t remember where. Where isn’t important when the song is so good it makes you cry. Of course he was playing it and thinking about another girl. His “one that got away”. I didn’t even know her, but I wasn’t a fan. Her hair was more red than mine and that is all I knew.

I wasn’t even a book in his life between two iconic book ends, I was merely a chapter. Thin pages with a few words about tennis and tv shows, good food and great conversation. And that not-meant-to-be podcast “for or against”. It had some clever name I don’t recall. Do you remember that?

The girl he was with after me was someone my closest friends and I nicknamed “The Wildcard”. She was some shade of crazy I never knew existed and I don’t think I’ll ever know if it was love that made her crazy or if she was like Lady Gaga and “Born that way”. It’s ok though, I let go of caring about that years ago.

I actually saw her at a funeral for the mom/aunt of a pair of mutual friends of ours in 2016. I didn’t recognize The Wildcard right away that day because of her long blonde hair, which I think was her natural color. Her hair was black when I met her and she died it clown red to try and become a closer proximation to what SV was looking for. I’d never dye my hair for any man. I might take motorcycle lessons and tennis lessons and force myself into awkward social situations but my hair is sacred.

Well well, what do you know – An appearance by MRAZ.. how appropriate. I wonder if the Universe is standing behind me on this elliptical machine and reading what I’m writing. No, that’s too physical. When you are omnipresent, you don’t have to stoop to such levels. The song in play right now is “Life is Wonderdul”. It’s all about the contrast between opposing things and the idea that we can’t truly know one thing without the other.

Thinking about this makes me happy. It’s explaining away all the bad things. We wouldn’t truly know sound without silence, we would not know the warmth of the sun without the long cold winter. I wouldn’t recognize the sunrise if there was no dark of night. I can look back at my life and all the bad things are softer in the light of this philosophy. The song is brilliant. “It takes a toll to make you care”. My dues have been paid and I’m ready to collect.

Coming up to the end of my time here now and I am not surprised that the Universe has done it again. For its final play of the set, we have Fall Out Boy singing “Thnks fr th Mmrs”.

“Thanks for the Memories?”. How appropriate. There is a Fall Out Boy CD that reminds me of another time in my life, but the cannon of their music has extended beyond that and now I can’t help but just enjoy it as one of my favorite groups. They actually called me up earlier this year and asked me to come to their show in Lincoln this fall. To which I replied “I would be happy to”.  I will be happy too.

Times Up. Rewind. Replay.
Achtung Baby,
~Miss SugarCookie


2018-02-03 New Music Saturday

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve got new Taylor Swift in my ear. Her music isn’t for everyone of course, but I’m pretty convinced she wrote a few singles on this one just for me. The album “Reputation” is very tri-polar. 1/3 is drama fueled by her constant battle with some of what has transpired because of her fame and other famous people, presumably. 1/3 is love songs written 1st person about her ‘baby’. 1/3 is songs about ended relationships.

Quite honestly the ones they selected for radio play are by far not my favorites. In fact, when “Look what you made me do” first got air, I really disliked it. The thing that turned that one around for me was the routine that Jazzercise put together for it. It’s full of leg, and punching, and kicking. That’s my jam!

I’m a firm believer in listening to an album start to finish in the intended order. I’m positive that someone, somewhere (hopefully the artist) put a lot of thought into the arrangement of the songs. Like the whole album is a story to be told and there might be a rise and climax and conclusion. Each song is a chapter in the story.

Back before dirt was invented, we had records. People listened to A side, start to finish and then maybe A side again or maybe B. Tapes were the same way. I never had records, and I only had a few tapes and I didn’t really “get into” any kind of music until late in high school.

Among the first tapes I had just because People bought me them for a gift were: Madonna, Cindy Lauper, the soundtrack to Footloose, and Michael Jackson.

Among the first tapes I bought for myself were The Bangles, Genesis, REM, and the Violent Femmes. The Femmes were on repeat much of my Sr. Year in HS and was a favorite of several of my friends too but when left to my own devices, I would gravitate back to Phil Collins and Genesis. I liked them so much I spent precious dollars on three or four tapes. (I didn’t work by choice and never had any money).

That was the era of radio, boomboxes, and mixtapes. I used to sit in bed listening for them to play something I wanted to “own” and then hit record when it came on. We were all pirates back then and nobody cared.

I loved my boom box. It played tape, radio, and CD and had a “bass boost” button for the serious jams. I still have it. The CD player doesn’t work but the tape player still does, so if I ever get real nostalgic (which is rare) I could have another listen to all those early favorites. And yes, I still have the tapes too.

I still have the mix tape my first boyfriend made for me before he left for the military. I ended up marrying him. We had 2 kids and eventually divorced after 18 years together. I’m still grateful for him introducing me to new music.

Every person I meet brings their favs with them and that’s typically how I end up liking so many things. I’m still a top 40s girl at heart, but there’s a wide world of wonderful out there and it’s hard to sort through unless you have a guide. I have a special place in my heart for all my guides… including my exes.

I guess Simon and I never really dated after all or I’d have something to remind me of him. 😉 I don’t. Maybe that should be on my list of check boxes as I look for a new person.

Be kind and thoughtful. ✅
Have a sense of humor. ✅
Be healthy and active. ✅
Have your shit together. ✅
Take an interest in what I have to say. ✅
Don’t bring me cut flowers. ✅
Bring some music to the table. ✅

How hard can it be to find that? I’m sure Taylor has something to say about it. I’m inside round 2 on running through this new CD and I can’t detect any story arch. Maybe people don’t care about the order of songs anymore. Maybe it’s all about making .99 or 1.29 on a single track or just streaming things in any order. That’s a shame.

Here’s top pics so far: 1) Getaway Car 2) New Years Day 3) Delicate. They are all love songs.. such a shocker. I’m still not super jazzed about the angry-girl trying to be badass making a statement to people who have wronged her. I think it’s awesome she’s able to capitalize on that nonsense drama. I wish I could capitalize on my own nonsense drama.

Until then, I’ve got laundry and food prep for the next couple of days to do. My life is so exciting. 😜

Heads Up Seven Up,
~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-30 Taking a Byte of the Big Apple 🍎

First of all.. (and I’m gonna make this beginning side comment quick so I can get to something more pressing on my mind).. today I’m doing a happy dance because I turned in my very first MFA packet two whole days early. Woot woot!

How am I going to celebrate? I’d love to say with a cheeseburger and some dark chocolate but I’ve got 8 more days of this Whole 30 nonsense before I can indulge in that stuff again. Blarg!

Secondly.. This is a rather LONG rant about Apple and iTunes which probably has no value to anyone but me – read at your own risk…

I’ve spent a lot of time these past 2 or 3 days fixing my iTunes library that I completely had to rebuild from scratch. It was Apple’s fault of course and I’m going to stand behind that statement. Here’s why…

I’ve always synced my iPhone to my iTunes library on my laptop. ALWAYS. I have a ton of music. In my collection I’ve got CDs ripped from before iTunes even existed, music purchased from iTunes, and music that’s been acquired from the internet. It’s literally a crap ton. As such, not all of it fits on my iPhone. I’ve always used the option to sync with a specific set of artists, albums, and playlists checked. It’s worked like this for years. Until a few days ago.

I’ve been wanting a few newer CDs that came out in 2017 and last week I bought them. Quite honestly, I’ve always hated the model Apple has for acquiring music and organizing it in a library. You buy it from them, at basically an equivalent price as out in the wild, but you don’t really own it. What you own is the right to downloaded it from them for life. This locks you into iTunes and their devices.

Now I’m kind of a tech geek and I am well aware that there are methods and programs available to get around this funny business, but it shouldn’t be that tough. As a user, I just want a simple interface that lets me have that music, and manage it in my own way on my computer and phone. I’d be happy with a program that lets me rip the CD and then I’m the master of the organizational file system. But that poses so many complications with Apple.

I have stuck with Apple products because they do most everything else in a far superior fashion. It’s just one or two things that I really can’t stand and I’ve lived with it so far.

Anyway, I bought CDs because I like to own the music I’ve purchased and though I’m also a freak about backing things up, I see it as the ultimate backup/recovery option. On Saturday I started ripping my new tunes (and yes, using the iTunes utility to do so).

After that, the next step was to sync with my phone and get that music moved over. That’s when it all went wrong. It immediately popped up with a prompt question indicating that that my phone has never been synced with this iTunes library before and all the music on my phone will be replaced. What?

Normally this would not be a problem but I spent a little bit of time rebuilding my iTunes library in December to get rid of a lot of garbage taking up space. Yeah, that’s my other problem, low space on my Mac Air. But I know I have music and playlists on my phone I didn’t want to lose. When you’ve spent hours building playlists, you don’t want that to disappear.

I exported the playlists and stored them on my Mac. I also backed up my phone AND my iTunes to my external drive for good measure. The playlists are easy.. it’s the individual songs that are tough. I have all of them, but there are potentially hundreds and hunting for them would be a nightmare.

After spending time on forums and sites for potential alternate solutions.. I decided it was going to be tough no matter what approach I took. Either I was going to lose music from my phone or I was going to lose music from my library.

In hindsite, it would have been easier to use a program to copy the iPhone content to my laptop and just re-import it into iTunes but I didn’t think of that. Instead I decided to start from scratch. I’m talking from scratch-scratch and clean all of it up and suffer the consequences. I deleted my iTunes library (or what I thought was my iTunes library).

Once it was gone, I opened up iTunes again expecting to see an empty list. What I was presented with instead was a short list of albums and songs available for download. Most of it, I didn’t recognize. That’s when I realized I wasn’t operating on MY iTunes library, it was my daughters Apple account. Ugh!!!!!

The fact that this is NOT obvious from the interface is garbage! It should have prompted me somewhere in the process that it was “so and so’s account’ and did I really want to continue to sync with that. For holy hell!!

So I signed out of her account and signed into mine and low and behold, there are all MY purchases ready for re-download. Great. Too bad the damage had already been done.

Despite having access to two accounts, iTunes only stores one copy of the media on the back end. Or at least was the case here because I only have one iTunes folder in my music on my Mac. Doesn’t matter. I had deleted it and now had to re-import from backup copies. So painful.

The core set is easy, it just takes time. The devil is really in the details.

So I imported about 4000 songs based on artist and album and also imported those playlists that I had saved off. I would say about half the songs were not found in my library so Apple just truncated the playlist in ITunes and removes the unfound items from the playlist. Stupid! Now if I want to re import those songs and add them back to the list, I have to read the XML files created during export. Thanks Apple.

After this, I had to be satisfied for the moment and just synced my phone with the new iTunes which also takes time. It was missing a ton of stuff but that would have to be ok because believe it or not, I had other shit I had to do. (Cough cough.. MFA deadline!)

Yesterday I was back to the step of ripping the new music and now have those CDs in my library and on my phone and in a new playlist. Check. ✅ I was then  back to where I was last week minus probably hundreds of songs. Again, I have them all in my archives so I can hunt and import them again but – “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Side rant.. ripping CDs into iTunes is also garbage. Now days, every artist has songs that “feature” other singers and they handle this so poorly. With the import you basically have two options..

1. Import the album as-is and it catalogues it with the album name but under an artist called ‘Various Artists’. So you have a ton of albums under this folder and it doesn’t recognize P!nk as P!nk to keep her album under her artist folder. Stupid.
2. -or- Import the album with the checkbox for various artists unchecked and it imports the CD into two different “albums”, one with most of the songs under the main artist and one with the other songs in a new folder for both artists. Also stupid.

I went with option 2 but this just deepens my case for wanting to manage my own folders and files.

Right now I’m listening to my favorite workout playlist which is sadly missing content, but fixing that is just going to have to wait.

Wow.. that’s a long rant!! I’m sure the only person that cares about all of this is me but writing through it, I feel better and have recognized several errors of my ways that could have been avoided. That’s really what matters. Right?!

Another Day, Another Dollar,
~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-24 Why Poetry

I’m in the car this morning navigating the ice rink that is the high school parking lot. I was dodging teenagers and their Pontiacs and late model Cadillacs and somehow maintaining my positive disposition despite my daughters insistance on fighting with me about a 5 minute discrepancy in our schedules.

I’m only half listening to her because there’s a Soundgarden song on with lyrics that are speaking directly to my soul. My mind is thinking about poetry.

At Residency, the second most asked question (besides who my favorite poets are), was “Why poetry”. Nobody has ever asked me that before. My gut response then was “because it’s always been Poetry”, but that doesn’t really explain it and so I’ve been thinking about the question ever since.

As a part of my course of study I’m reading texts and collections of poems by famous poets and also googling things of interest that are related to see what someone outside that sphere of influence has to say about things. Here and there I am gathering bits and pieces of “Why”. Due to the demand of organization required by my left brain, I’ve been keeping a list. Every time I feel I’ve discovered another reason, I write it down.

When I began to listen to the lyrics of “Halfway There”, there was something about it that vibrated within me. Not any one word, but the arrangement culminating in an interpretation that bounced around inside of me and created ripples of thought.

As I let the waves take over, everything else began to fade into the distance. My daughters voice became muted. In my peripheral vision, I could tell by her movements, she was still speaking but I couldn’t hear it. All I could hear were the vibrations from “Should a good life be so hard won / is that what our dreams have become.”

My daughter got out of the car and refused to respond to me as I said “Have a great day. I love you”. I’m used to that by now.

As I pulled out of the parking lot I hit the rewind button so I could listen from the beginning.

I wondered, as I encountered the first 4 way stop if I could say what Soundgarden had said any better. The arrangement of those words flirting with perfection in my ears. I rounded the next corner and concluded that any form of imitation or rework of the same subject would fall so far away from the original and result in complete failure.

I pulled into my driveway and allowed the song to finish and kept the car running long enough to hear what the Universe had chosen for my next song.

It was “Lurgee” by Radio Head. Oh the mystery and mastery of the omniscient. Well played.

I want to write lyrics that not only heighten my sense of being and elicit recollections of feeling, but perhaps also to shine a light on something bright enough to move others to also see it and feel it with me. This is not coming from a place of ego. It’s a genuine desire to channel my endless empathy into something worthwhile.

In order for me to do this, I have to get out of my ‘I Thought’, and commit to gaining a deeper understanding of the universe, Earth, and all forces at work on a random Wednesday morning in a High School parking lot. Based on what I know now, I have a long way to go.

I need to study my craft and fine tune my senses with experience. And it needs to be Poetry because that’s what was placed inside of me before birth. It’s thousands of thoughts waiting to be brought to life on the page with a syntax and vocabulary and rhythm that sing when read outloud or in the mind, touching the deepest part of one’s soul.

It’s the best answer to the question I’ve come up with yet to “Why Poetry?”. Time to go add that to the list.

Happy Hump Day!
~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-13 About ‘August and Everything After’

Last night on my way home from getting groceries one of my favorite Counting Crows songs came up in the shuffle. I could only listen for like a minute before I had to skip to the next song. It wasn’t because it reminds me of something unpleasant. It’s because when Adam sings live, and it was obviously a recording of a live show, he tends to go “off script”, and just sing whatever he wants.

Maybe those departures are arrangements that are well planned out and practices, but they are so different from the studio recording, that one can’t even try to sing along. I like to sing along. I especially like to sing along to my favorites.. the ones I know by heart because my heart is so moved by them.

So when that song came on, I was so excited because I haven’t heard it in a while. After a few versus though, I was disgusted and had to hit “next”. It did leave me wanting to revisit the Crows so that’s my selection this morning for my morning workout (the original recording of ‘August and Everything After’, which is my favorite album of theirs).

Now that that is established, there are three places this can go…

1.) Backstory of the road trip my sister and I took in 2008 to see Counting Crows live in Chicago.

2.) The narritave I wrote about Adam after that experience.

3.) The significance in the title of that album in my relationship with Matt.

I’m really not sure which way to go on this. #1 could be long and I’m not sure I’ve got time for that. #2 Is still one of my favorites after all these years, but I’d rather just post it again instead of writing about it (show don’t tell 😉). #3 feels right for this moment…

As long as I’ve been writing, as far back as I can remember and have content to show for my efforts, I’ve had a thing with naming my Work. I’ve organized, cataloged, grouped, named and described everything.

Every journal had a name. Every poem from those journals was collected and copied together in a separate location, and each of those extracted sets was given a name. I put a lot of thought into all the names so there’s significance in all of it.

One has to recognize that all those early artifacts were pre 1992. There was no cloud online or copy-paste or even typed writing. It was all hand written, reviewed, revisited, page after page. Even the colors of the folders I selected had significance and I spent a great deal of time on all of it.

I still have most of that work. It’s in a box on a shelf in my bedroom closet and on my list of things to grab if there’s time, in an emergency. The notebooks are so worn and delicately still attached to their spiral binding. The folders are in better shape, and there’s even extra folders in the box because I once had hopes of more. Most of that stuff is garbage rambling of an emotional teenage girl. It’s not worth anything to anyone but me, but it is a record and that means something to me.

I didn’t get my typewriter (a Brother AX24, I believe) until I was a senior in HS, and I only ever used it for school Work In HS and my first years in college. I’ve got very little from those days and my personal writing remained handwritten. Incidentally that was also about the time I started dating Brian and I graduated from community college the same month we got married.

What followed was a long drought in my writing. I went from writing hundreds of pages to writing virtually nothing at all… for years. I guess that’s what adult life does to a person.

Work, relationships, tv and movies replaced my original go-to for what to do with my time. I had my career and I had my babies and for a very long time, I really didn’t have the time to write.

It was not until 2008 that my life started to change. Time accounting is important to me so I feel the need to point out that for 15 years of my life, there was very little writing. I had a few small random journals from when I was pregnant or after I had C and was trying to lose weight, and a few random blurbs and poems inspired by fairly significant events, but not more than that. Sadly.

2008 was the year I finally came to the end of what I was willing to endure with my marriage. Not to be dismissed is the nudge I got from starting to have feelings for another man. The latter may have fueled the fire for the former, but both were turning points and I started to write again.

Incidentally, 2008 was also the year my sisters and I went to Chicago to see the Counting Crows. I did not intend to make a circle back to this, but there it is.

What followed in the years to come was my divorce and more writing. Then dating again and more writing. Falling in love is sweet and capturing that with poetry and words is priceless. I admit my writing waned again in the middle of my relationship with Matt, but as soon as there were issues, it picked up again. With each new phase, I was documenting everything and just as before categorizing and labeling.

I had collections named for the person I was dating or that time in my life and this time, most of it was electronic and either in folders on my laptop or online or both. When I started using Evernote in 2009 it made things so much easier. When I started my blog in 2010, I found joy in the organization of it all.

My need for labeling things probably contributes to my desire to have multiple blogs. So this one is for stream of consciousness journaling and that one for poetry and creative writing. It all makes sense to me and that’s the way I like it.

I start dating Matt in August of 2011. When we started, I was sure that this was it. I’d finally found the one and we were a great match and it was going to last forever. I think he thought so too. We both liked the Counting Crows and one of the first things we did in our relationship was share all of our favorite music. The “notebook” I have from that time in my life, right up to our relationship breathing it’s last breath is therefore called “August and Everything After”.

That’s a long, mostly irrelevant story just to get to a very brief conclusion. But I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes. I’m still sad that “Everything After” only lasted for about 5 years and I really have not yet come to conclude what the current phase of my life shall be titled. Most of the time, the inspiration for that doesn’t really come until there is something noteworthy to make it make sense.

For now, I’ll just keep being Miss SugarCookie and rolling along with the punches, singing my tunes.

“I am the Rain King”
~Miss SugarCookie

2018-01-01 Ringing In My Ears

It must be New Years, because there’s ringing in my ears. It’s a nice departure from all those songs that are always stuck in my head. Truth.

As I comb through some of my poetry to decide what’s good, bad, worthy, worth giving another look, or just plain ready for the “X-file”, I’m noticing more than just a couple of times I mention music. More specifically having a song stuck in my head or a song that reminds me of a particular feeling or moment in my life. I think that’s pretty common, but why does it seem important enough to keep bubbling up?

I don’t have the answer, of course, or I would not be asking the question. I’ve got lots of questions, as always, and never as many answers. At least today, as a new year breaks the horizon and starts to rise, I have the answer to the cliffhanger question that has been stirring all week and hit its apex yesterday. The question was who my mentor will be this semester.

Now I know, and am quite pleased about the result. In all honesty, I’m not sure there would have been a bad pairing, Just different. Still, I think that my mentor is ideal for me and where I am in my “writing life” right now.

If there’s one thing I’ve had to come to terms with very quickly this week is just how green I am. I really want to impress people but there’s no way to get around a question when it’s asked.

“So who do you like to read? Who are your favorites?”. I’ve been asked this question by one person or another at least four times. The first time was the first night at dinner, I just fumbled and in a very round-about way replied something that indicated that I don’t know. Epic fail.

The second and third times I formulated a little better of an answer which also indicated that I didn’t have any but with some context of my history and the fact that I’ve never studied literature or poetry. That’s no excuse of course, but it made me feel a little better and at least I was being honest.

Then I started leading with that honesty bit. I think by that time I had come to terms with just how truly uneducated I am about fine arts. For the love of god, one of the lecturers asked the question today in class about free verse and I had no clue what the answer was. I’m in a masters program for poetry and that’s something I should know.

I’ve taken so many secret little notes for things I need to look up later. I know in a few short weeks our first assignments will be due and I’m scared as hell I won’t be able to process everything from residency AND do a quality job on that.

On the brighter side, I’ve written about 3 new poems and have fodder for about a dozen more. I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic that is (except I just did).

Maybe the next time someone asks who I like, I should just look them straight in the eye and say REM, Cake, One Republic, Fall Out Bot, And Blue October. That will give them a tiny window into my brain.

Tomorrow is the day for student readings. I’m going last. That’s probably a mistake, but it is what it is and like everything else, it WILL be ok.

Keep On Ringing, Keep On Singing.

Happy New Year!

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-11-15 I’m Ready.. Let’s Go!

Yesterday I woke up uninspired and unmotivated and today I woke up energized and ready to take on the world. I could spend a while pontificating on why that is but I might not get very far.

I had relatively the same amount of sleep. I Went to bed at the roughly the same time. I had the same sort of day ahead. What’s the difference. Was it something I ate? Hormones? Quality of sleep? A three quarter moon on a Thursday? What’s the deally-o, yo?

See.. No answers, just more questions. Time to move on.

Right now I’m back on my elliptical at the gym jamming to random tunes on shuffle. I mean really random. No playlist, no station, no genre.. just me saying to the universe, “Give me what you got baby. I can take it”. So far I’ve had Pink, Maroon Five, Train, Chicago (which I elected to skip), Daft Punk, Phil Collins, and now Alanis.

Interesting mix. I wonder what message the Universe is trying to send me. I could go on a tangent about this too but, again, I know for a fact that ends in more questions instead of answers.

I feel like I’m becoming a master at typing on my phone while elliptical-ing. Speaking of masters, I’m embarking on yet ANOTHER new endeavor today. I’m going to an informational orientation on becoming a master gardener.

It’s a program offered by the county and from what I understand involves classes and community service hours. It’s actually a collaboration between both Sarpy and Douglas counties. The meeting is at the library in my area. I think they start “classes” soon-ish and then when spring comes round, they have assignments around town assisting with gardens in “public” spaces. That’s all just educated guessing though.

This is another area of interest of mine I’ve been putting off for years. And there is no more room for “putting off” in my life. The time is here. The time is now. I’m ready.. Let’s do this!

Perhaps this meeting is the reason I’m more pumped for the day. Perhaps, but does it also explain why my outlook on the future is so positive today as opposed to yesterday when I was freaking out about my job situation? Nope.. I don’t think so. 🤔

It’s most certainly all connected though. There is not one single person, event, or thought that is not connected in some way. This is why I can trust the Universe to control my “shuffle”. I guess that’s my version of faith. No matter what the unanswered questions are.. it’s going to work out!

On that note, I’m now jamming to Fall Out Boy, “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race”. How appropriate (and one of my favs!). That’s my cue to cut it.

Let’s Go!

~Miss Sugarcookie