2018-04-27 French Frings and Other Things

Last nights sleep was amazing. I woke refreshed and ready for today and the weekend. It’s going to be sunny and 70+ degrees and I’m so so ready for that.

I’ve put in a fair number of hours this week and this weekend we’re doing a release of the application so there’s more where that came from, but it’s all good because the semester is essentially over and no pressing requirements left for that.

I’ve also been assigned a new project and the timing is perfect for that because I need to now work 30+ hours a week to cover health insurance. It really connects dots when you work hour for hour and every hour counts toward something. Insurance for me and my kids is going to run roughly 600 bucks a month and that’s ‘X’ amount of hours. If i want to plan a trip somewhere, that’s ‘X’ amount of hours too.

I also realize after doing my taxes that my new company isn’t taking enough out for taxes. They are taking out what I told them based on my W4, but I figured wrong originally so I need to redo that form. Oh the joys of our beautiful, free country.

On that note.. quite the news today about Kimmy and The Moon! It’s a historic event indeed. Peace talks progress for the Koreas and the whole world watches what the media chooses to share about it. I’d like to believe it’s going in a positive direction and that there will be a true end to the conflict in those countries in the years to come.

But change is slow and you can’t undo 70+ years of unrest, disagreement, and hate with a handshake. As Tailor Swift says, “bandaids don’t fix bullet holes”. (Yes I did just quote Swifty to punctuate my point about North and South Korea 😜).

If I was the world I’d be holding my breath hoping Kimmy isn’t shaking with his right hand with the left behind his back hiding a finger on some other trigger. Again, we only see what the media lets through. Right, left, foreign, domestic political agenda filters being applied every step of the way to our eyes and ears. There’s very little chance one (ordinary) person can read and listen to enough channels to collect and analyze it all to determine a real truth. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That event in Korea didn’t pop up on my phone news notifications. What did I get instead?… Norification that Cosby is guilty. Cuz that’s what I should care about? No!! I don’t give a shit about that case. That’s not news. For real.

Wow… this post took a sharp turn!

It’s time now for me to stop stepping and go enjoy this amazing Friday!

Cheers to Potential Peace on Earth, 🌏

~Miss SugarCookie


2017-06-13 On Being Grateful

When I was out in Austin two short months ago my friend Rebecca had a Mother’s day celebration and invited all their friends. Mother’s day was just an excuse, it was a good time to get together and celebrate.. life. They have a lot of great friends. One of her close friends is Holly and I’ve not only met Holly before but we’ve been on a girls trip together in Mexico. She’s a lot of fun.

Later in the afternoon at this party Hollie and a few other ladies and I were sitting at the kitchen table and talking about stuff. I think I may have mentioned really struggling in the last year and how my struggles have continued into this year. She empathized with me. I did not go into a ton of detail, but she did offer some advice which sounded very legit, and very much something that I, myself, would come up with. That was taking a few moments every day to write down what you are grateful for.

She said she has done this simple practice before and it has helped her. It does not matter how much you put into it, the benefit is real. It is through recognition of what we have, and the good in our lives, that we find peace with life. Things get so very busy and we spend too much time thinking about what the next thing is or how to meet a goal or have something more that we don’t just stop and look around and admire all there is, right now in this moment. If we take time to do that, we will feel better about where we are. In turn, it will improve the mood of the day. Especially if you do it early in the day or “first thing” she said.

I did not start this journal until January, but I can tell you that back in November when I was in full-on train wreck mode, I used this tactic multiple times to try and get through it. Back then, it was less about having a simple daily practice and more about using this strategy in key moments where I felt so low I did not know how to make it through to the next. Right now, I recognize I am in a much better place, but still struggling somewhat, and could still benefit from a daily ritual.

So starting today (because today is always a good day to start), I am going to recognize and write down something I am grateful for. I am going to try and do this each and every day. It may or may not be here in this forum, but I’m going to give it a shot. We’ll see if that really does give me an extra mood boost or improves my outlook over time.

Stopping to Smell the Roses,
~Miss SugarCookie

P.S. I am grateful for this blog. 😉