2017-08-25 Celebrating Successes

This one has been stewing for a while. I put it in the crock pot in February and I think it’s about ready. It’s about setting goals, but more specifically about meeting goals that have been set already.

My objective this year, very generically, was to have a happier, healthiier life. That’s too broad to measure all by itself I think and really not tough to achieve since I rolled into this year feeling like my life was just a mess. Truly.

As I start to break my goal into smaller, more tangible target objectives, the path to success becomes more clear.

– Get Better sleep
– Be more fit
– Eat healthier
– Have More satisfying experiences
– Practice Better parenting
– Have Deeper connections with friends
– Achieve Professional growth
– Achieve Personal growth

Even these are still a little to broad to pin down. Objectives need to be measurable. Something you can be accountable for and something that is attainable. Perhaps a grand objective is a long road and may never obtainable but the path to get there is lots of smaller milestones. And in my opinion one of the most important parts of getting there is celebrating success.

So if I take one of my objectives this year, to be more fit and break that down further into the goals I’ve attached to it, the path to success starts to look like something real.

– I wanted to increase my daily step count to 12K.
– I wanted to do Jazzercise 4 times a week.
– I wanted to increase my free weights during class to 7lbs. by the end of June.
– I wanted to improve my tennis skills.
– I wanted to diversify my activity.

(Some of this was verified by looking at the blog post from 2017-02-05).

It has been about 6 months since these goals started to take shape. As time passes it becomes important to stop and take a look at the progress. If we are always looking forward and don’t take time to look back and reflect and evaluate, we can’t see how far we have come. We also can’t see if adjustments need to be made or if our goal was valid in the first place.

Since I just did this baseline fitness testing last Friday, I am all gung-ho about the future, but I recognize that I also need to look at what I originally set out to do and how that is measuring up. From the items above it seems to be that I am doing pretty good…

– My daily step count is hovering right around 15K based on stats from the last month. That’s 3K over my goal.
– I’ve been to about 176 Jazzercise classes so far this year which is about 5 per week. This is also above my target goal.
– I switched in May or June to 6 pound weights, but since they don’t sell 7 pound weights anywhere around town, I had to jump to 8 pound free weights and I did that in July I think. So that’s another goal which was met with success.
– I have not improved my tennis skills, and I basically stopped taking lessons when I quit my job. Partially because of the cost and partially because of the timing of some other things. So that one probably needs some re-evaluation.
– I wanted to diversify my activity. As stated I kind of dropped Tennis, but I have been biking more. I don’t think I am there yet at this diversification thing, but I also should probably evaluate what I am doing now and what more I want to be doing. I’ve thought about climbing and there is a climbing gym near my house so I may look into that.

Needless to say, I am doing pretty good. However, are meeting these goals helping me toward obtaining my objective. That part is kind of unclear. Six months ago I did not have any “starter” measurements to go off of to use and defining what success looks like. Now, thanks to the testing last Friday, I have that. But hold on now.. I don’t want to just gloss over what I have done these past six months because I have no basis for comparison. For real!

I’ve made progress and I have done a lot of the things I said I wanted to do and that deserves some cheers. As I stated before, stopping to celebrate the achievements is key in continued success. If we have goals we should have rewards. The rewards are incentives to keep working hard and I may not have tangible rewards I defined for myself at the beginning of this year, but that does not mean I can’t treat myself a little bit and do a happy dance to celebrate.

Today is Friday and tomorrow is my birthday. I could not think of a better time to congratulate myself for all of my hard work. As down as I have been feeling this week, I could use a little something-something to get my spirits up anyway. Perhaps I should just dance my way through the weekend. That sounds like the bomb!

Party on Garth,
~Miss SugarCookie


2017-06-11 Sunday Stats and Things Like That

I’ve been so focussed on the big things and the big picture and big changes that I have not been keeping up on my day to day/week to week analysis. It’s really about time to start digging back into the details and when it comes to details, stats (and things like that) are where it’s at.

Have I written about balance? Yes
Have I written about everything being connected? Yes
Have I concluded that being healthy starts with sleeping well? Yes, lots of times. All of the validation I need is within these few important items…

Sleep: Last 7 days average 7 hours and 39 minutes. 39 minutes above my unofficial goal. 😃

Exercise: 7 day average step count is 18,150. That’s 6K over my official goal of 12K per day and 3 K over my unofficial daily goal. 😃

I’ve been to 3 or 4 Jazzercise classes this week as well as multiple workouts at the gym and several walks in various parts of town (hence the stellar step count). 😃

Eating: This is the one area I feel I’ve sort of failed on as Ive given in to lots of cravings and eaten out a bunch. The scale is up a few lbs. and I want to try and figure out how to make a plan and stick to it. Of all the things, I think this will be the biggest challenge ahead of me.

For today though, I want to celebrate this success. Deep down in my heart I feel like I can attribute my sleeping better to the huge weight that has been lifted off me. I also feel like the fact that I am beginning to “let go” has given be back a little more time to focus on exercise, even though I’m not really done yet.

That celebration starts with enjoying the rest of my weekend. Monday will be here soon, so I am going to go now, and squeeze as much funday out of the rest of this Sunday as I can.

~Miss SugarCookie

2017-06-03 The Sleep Success

It’s a beautiful morning and it’s going to be a glorious day. It’s Saturday and I woke up to 66 degrees of easy breezy sunshine. I decided to get a bit of a workout in before the kids wake up and will prolly also try to squeeze a Jazzercise dance Mixx set too.

Lunch with mom yesterday was good and she took the news of me quitting well. She’s pretty much supportive of me no matter what choices I make, so that’s nice. I told her I’m already sleeping better. I’m not even done working, yet knowing I’m not going to have to be responsible for everything I was accountable for in my position is such a relief.

I decided a week ago I was not going to take anything to aid my sleep anymore. And I’ve stuck to that. It’s been amazing that each day that goes by I’ve slept better and better.

My average this week is about 6.5 hours which is great considering I was sleeping on a couch in Denver for half those days. The last couple nights I’ve gotten almost 8 hours. No wonder I’m waking up feeling so wonderful,

I have a good feeling next week is going to be even better. I’m going to go for an average of 7.5. There are more factors that affect that besides waking up in the middle of the night with my mind spinning, trying to problem solve (or not, as the case is now). The other factor is my own choice of when to go to bed. I often choose to stay up late for one reason or another. So if I set a regular time to call it quits, that’s going to make a big impact.

I just need to continue to do the things I’m doing and I will be on the successfully sleepy train for good.
Continuing to get good workouts during the day will also help. On that note, I’d better get to it.

~Miss SugarCookie